Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Web Hosting Uptime and Downtime

Uptime and downtime are one of the most crucial issues website owners confront. Every minute of downtime means lost business. Your site needs to be accessible to your customers at all times if you need that edge over the competition. But the simple fact is that server downtimes cannot be avoided completely. You will invariably need to pay attention to the details when choosing a web hosting company.
Finding a web host who is able to provide good uptime is difficult given that all web hosts brag about “excellent” uptime. Uptime can range from 99% to 99.99%.
To choose a suitable host for your business with the right uptime, you must first be aware of how much downtime you would be exposed to:

·  99.99% uptime — 0.88 hours (about 50 minutes) per year of downtime 

·  99.97% uptime — 2.63 hours per year of downtime
·  99.95% uptime — 4.38 hours per year of downtime
·  99.9% uptime —  8.76 hours per year of downtime
·  99.7% uptime — 26.30 hours per year of downtime
·  99.5% uptime — 43.8 hours per year of downtime
·  99% uptime — 87.6 hours per year of downtime

Here are some quick tips to ensure you get the best deal:

·    The most preferable uptime guarantee is 99.99%. It may not come cheap but it would give you your money’s worth in the long run.

·    Look for a reliable web host who has been in business for long. Check into their history and research on the host’s uptime record.
·    Concentrate on quality of service rather than quantity or cheap pricing
·     Look for a web host who back up their uptime claim with a money-back guarantee.
·    Ask what’s included in the uptime – don’t be misled by counting time spent working on server upgrades as uptime.
·    Ask your provider if they use maintenance windows as well as user-friendly messaging when a customer visits the site during downtime.
·    Your provider should have good hardware.
·    The web host should have a monitoring service that checks your website at regular intervals and notifies/advises you when a problem develops. Monitoring plans can include uptime reports, online status pages and failure alerts.

Keep in mind that there is no way to completely avoid downtime. However, you can minimize your downtime by paying attention to details when choosing a web hosting company. Choose a company with a good uptime (preferably 99.99%) and a monitoring service, if needed. This will keep not only you, but visitors to your site happy as well.

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