Monday, August 5, 2013

Impact of Web Hosting on SEO

Your web hosting has a good deal of impact on your SEO, according to experts. Ensure you host your domain with a reasonably priced provider. Choosing a cheap host can be harmful for your business in the long run. Also, check if your hosts have a good technical support team to back you up in case of problems. A few hours of site downtime can cost your business dear.
So spend some time reviewing providers, looking for quality, rather than going in for inexpensively priced ones. Low priced hosting services place thousands of domains on a single IP address, resulting in server overload, which could be detrimental to your business success, and resulting in all your SEO efforts going to waste!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What to Look for on Web Host Sites

Web hosting service providers are no different from any other form of business in that they need to attract new customers and so in order to do that in an effective manner they need to impress potential customers with their site design and services as well. If you got it, then flaunt it and this applies especially true to web hosting companies and so you will be treated to generous samples from their portfolio. And yet, despite the fact that all of the relevant information being readily available in a neatly presented format too many consumers are totally distracted by the pricing structure. In fact, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the consumer takes a perfunctionary look at the price and then simply makes a snap judgment there and then.
So, you are currently visiting a website which belongs to a web hosting service provider and you are unsure as to what specifically you should be looking out for. Generally speaking, your gut instinct will usually serve you well, and so if your hunch is that the site is rather unprofessional then you are probably right. Take a moment to reflect on the reason why you are so ill at ease? Whilst spelling is not and should be (automatically) fatal to you taking an interest, it should raise some red flags. If a company does not take the time to correct something as simple and trivial as a spelling error then how on earth can people depend upon them to handle more mundane and highly complex tasks? That said, some service providers are all flash and no substance meaning that whilst they may have a very slick site with a pretty user interface and gorgeous graphics, the actual content of the site leaves a lot to be desired.
Once you have familiarized yourself with the broad strokes, it is crucial that you analyze the finer details and assess their implications and effects so as to more effectively ascertain your rights and your obligations. The last thing you want to do is sign up with a particular company, only to discover that they levy a rather draconian penalty fee for trivial “offences” such as excessive bandwidth or perhaps offer a level of customer support which is inert to say the least.  Too many people from all walks of life and from all sorts of backgrounds are too quick to skim through a contract, and then merrily and blithely head straight to the end without actually digesting the information. Given that it is a legal document, this is a very foolish approach to adopt indeed.
Another crucial feature to take into proper consideration is the manner in which you will be able to keep in touch with the service provider, as this will determine issues such as cost and speed. Speaking via the phone will be a costly option (unless it is a toll number) and emails can be a speedy option, so long as they reply in due time. However, be on the particular lookout for service providers who offer live chat features, these providers are worth their weight in gold.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Website Hosting and SEO – What’s the Link?

Below are 3 reasons why good hosting is important to SEO and why shared hosting could be holding you back:
Server Downtime
Having a low quality hosting package will usually mean that your amount of downtime will be much higher. This is often the case with shared hosting and if you are unfortunate enough for Google to crawl your site whilst in a period of downtime then you risk losing rankings and traffic that have taken a lot of hard work to achieve.
Page Load Speed
Google has stated that the time it takes for pages to load on your site is a ranking factor in its algorithm. Better page load speed = better rankings! They’ve even told you so. A bad hosting package will certainly have a higher time to load pages so move to a good one with quicker load times and you’ll probably see an increase in rankings. It’s not often Google gives away a freebie like this so take advantage!
Risk of Spam Association
If you use shared hosting then there is always the possibility that you will be sharing the same IP as a spammer. If Google, Bing et al identify your IP as hosting harmful sites then they may penalise the whole IP, not just the site/sites in question. Would you share your suitcase with a stranger when going on holiday?! Then don’t share their IP either!
There are so many aspects to SEO and ranking factors in Google’s algorithm that it’s important to address each one. Lots of small improvements can lead to some great overall results so it’s crucial that you address your hosting requirements and ensure you have a good enough package that will help you get great SEO results.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Does Your Web Hosting Company Provide Online Marketing Services As Well?

More and more people are checking out the Internet before they visit a store. Prospective customers make use of keywords to search and find information on the products they require. Studies have added tangible evidence that top ranked search results are those that get the most attention from users. 86% of these business searches are often followed by visits to the store. So it is imperative that your business be found in the top results through effective use of internet marketing.
Online Marketing helps promote your products and services at a lower cost than traditional advertising methods. This helps your business grow because it provides qualified leads from potential customers. Proper online marketing strategies improves your natural search engine results, gets you in front of customers,  nurtures your existing customers and helps your business succeed.
Check out if your web hosting company can provide you with good online marketing services as well for the promotion of your website. A reliable company that provides domain registration and web hosting together with online marketing services can do wonders for your business.

Monday, May 20, 2013

On Small Businesses Choosing a Web Host

With many businesses building websites to promote their products, the most crucial factor to consider for a business to succeed is to have a dependable web host. An amazing website is of little use if it experiences frequent downtimes or if the business fails to satisfy customer expectations because of shortcomings on the part of the web host. Studies also show that customers will take a business seriously only if they are sure that the web host behind it is 100% professional and efficient.   For this reason, there should be absolutely no compromises when choosing a webhost.
A good hosting provider should be able to provide adequate flexibility in the choice of a package for your small business, be it a 2-page website or a 100-page one. They should have been in business for quite a while, with reassurance that they will provide you with service in future as well. An unlimited amount of storage is important if you are planning to put in more content down the road. Ensure that your host provides you with an anti-virus software – one that offers web site vulnerability scanning, performance monitoring and a certification seal. Last but not the least, check if your web host is providing you with 24/7 free customer support.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

VPS Hosting – The Advantages

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the preferred choice when it comes to hosting a small to medium sized business. VPS provides users a virtual dedicated environment where the entire server environment is on a single physical machine along with other people’s server environments (it shares the same hardware, though). Each of the virtual servers within this environment is completely isolated from each other and functions like a stand-alone machine virtually in every respect.
Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of VPS hosting:
  • Isolation - VPS runs on an isolated environment and guarantees a portion of the server’s disk space, CPU power, bandwidth, and memory.
  • Stability -  No adverse affects on your operation caused by traffic and activities of other shared hosting customers.
  • Performance – Faster load times.
  • Dedicated Resources – More disk space, CPU and RAM.
  • Flexibility – Flexibility in the choice of operating system and software.
  • Customization – Full root access allows for server customization.
  • Security –VPS site is a distinct entity on the server and this isolation minimizes risk of hacks.
  • Affordability - VPS is cheap.
VPS effectively combines the limitations of a shared hosting and the flexibility of a dedicated hosting. The best thing about a VPS is that website owners are allowed to share costs, and so you need to pay only a fraction of the costs of a dedicated server.
In short, you get the best of both worlds. It allows for total control over hosting solutions without the expensive price tag.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Unix and Windows Web Hosting – The Difference

Unix and Windows are the two main types of operating system platforms that hosting companies offer on their web servers. Most people are familiar with using Microsoft Windows at their home or office. Nevertheless, it must be said that the type of operating system that you use on your desktop is independent of the one used by your web host to serve your web page. In fact, they have nothing to do with each other. A Windows hosting environment simply uses Microsoft’s products to make hosting accessible to the website developer. Most hosting companies however use the Unix operating system on their web server.
If you are confused as to which platform will be the best choice for your requirements, an overview of features for the two would be of help.

Unix Hosting

* Open-source - the operating system is free and the source code is well documented.
* Considered as being more stable, flexible and faster than Windows.
* Easier to upgrade and expand.
* Provides better compatibility if you are applying dynamic content on your site using PHP or CGI scripts and want to interface with a MySQL database.
* Servers are installed in text mode. System uses less resources and devotes all its power to the webpages hosted.
* Supports Perl, PHP3, CGI-BIN, Shells, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MS FrontPage, among others.

Windows Hosting

* Easier for novices to use.
* Windows plans cost more since the software must be purchased and licenses renewed continuously.
* You will need a Windows hosting if you’re going to develop in .NET.
* Using Microsoft Front Page, the popular web design program, is easier if hosted on Windows.
* Has enough wizards to help you create a decent website without any knowledge of coding.
* Windows media files such as videos and audio can be hosted only in a Windows operating system.

Whether your website is hosted on a Unix or Windows server, it will be universally accessible because both of them serve identical data, the only difference being the software used to serve it. It is necessary to take into account the sort of technologies you will need before you decide on a suitable hosting platform. The advantage can be said to be with Unix bearing in mind its greater reliability, lower costs and a wider choice of hosts.